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CBV Holiday Brunch

A Classic Dessert with A Southern Twist

Many residents enjoy having their pie for dessert. Regardless if it is a fruit-filled, crumb topping or lattice-laced, cream or meringue - to them pie is pie. However, one of our lead cooks has tested the waters on a favorite here - with AMAZING and TASTY results! Traditionally, banana cream pie is your basic, run-of-the-mill, bananas-are-ripening-faster-than usual go-to dessert. However, Aaron made a Southern Banana Custard Bar for dinner. And the residents loved it! The fluffy cream, melt in your mouth custard filling, sweet bananas, vanilla wafer crust topped with caramel sauce was out of this world. This instant classic is already being demanded to be made again. And we are all anxious to see what Aaron will have in store for his next twist on pie will be!

DavidAnsel | Assistant Director of Dining Services | Morrison Community Living| Fountains at Bronson Place

Wellness in Action: A Family Focused Approach to the Holidays

Tips from Sam Fazio and Doug Pace
from the Alzheimer's Association

The holidays are often filled with opportunities for togetherness, laughter and memories. They can also bring about stress, disappointment and sadness for some people. A person living with dementia may feel a sense of loss during the holidays because of the changes he or she has experienced or is experiencing. At the same time, caregivers may feel overwhelmed maintaining traditions while at the same time, providing daily care. Therefore, it is important to adopt a person/family-focused approach to supporting individuals living with dementia and their families during the holidays.

In the early stage, a person with Alzheimer’s may withdraw and be less comfortable socializing, while others may enjoy seeing family and friends as before. The key is to check in with each person and discuss options. A simple “How are you doing?” or “How are you coping with everything?” may be appreciated. Encourage families to plan the holidays together with the individual living with dementia, focusing on the things that bring happiness and letting go of activities that seem overwhelming or stressful. As the disease progresses into the middle and late stages, families may need help rethinking their holiday plans and traditions to simpler or low stress activities. Everyone is unique and finding a plan that works can involve some discussion as well as trial and error.

To get more tips like how to involve the person living with Alzheimer's, being flexible with traditions and adapting gift giving, check out the rest of the storyhere... 
Erin Van Valkenburgh, RDN CSG CDP -  Director of Clinical and Wellness Support  -  Mid West Region 

Opening Horizons for our junior team members at Christian Rest Homes

One of the things I love about working for MCL and Compass Group, is my ACF membership.  This year, Compass is covering the cost completely for all salaried managers!  As a member of our local chapter, I am able to expose my Client paid associates to great opportunities that broaden their horizons and create engagement.  Here is recent high school graduate Logan Gale at a chapter event, relating his role in our production team to future graduates of the Kent County Technical Center.  What a great way to create engagement for Logan, while networking with soon-to-be graduates.

...Luckily, I brought plenty of business cards to hand out afterward...
 Christina Bodanza, Director of Dining Services...Region Champion, The Hospitality Experience