Luau at Cedars of Dexter

We decided to end the summer with a little trip to the Islands; for the Caribbean AMITL we had a band from Detroit, called the Gratitude Steel Band, the residents enjoyed them so much we had them back for a Hawaiian themed meal. We put this together at the end of August to send off the summer in style.

Rather than roast a pig splayed out on a rack, we opted for a rotisserie for a better display. The pig went on at 8:00pm for the following day, it was a 104# pig and took 20 hours and 175# of hardwood to cook. The rotisserie was a rental and not in good shape, it took an hour to get it working so that the chain would not jump off the gears, then 5 minutes after it was working, the chain broke, so every 20 minutes I went out to turn the pig and check the coals. It was a peaceful evening here at the Cedars, I got to watch the sun rise and discovered that we have some huge mosquitoes here in Dexter. 
It was a very satisfying event, committing to and staying up all night with the pig, tending the fire, and seeing the results of teamwork. The day of the Luau, my crew and I had the buffet set up, my client had the decorations laid out, and the band's performance was outstanding. We started service and my co-workers finished off the event. They did an excellent job serving, taking pictures, and cleaning up.
Thank you to my client who decorated the dining room, booked the band, and to my co-workers who finished up.

Caleb L Cook | Chef Director | Morrison Community Living  | The Cedars of Dexter